3 4 5 6 mm Sequin Flat Round PVC Loose Sequins Crafts Paillette Sewing Clothes Decoration DIY Accessory Lentejuelas Para Coser in Sequins from Home Garden

3 4 5 6 mm Sequin Flat Round PVC Loose Sequins Crafts Paillette Sewing Clothes Decoration DIY Accessory Lentejuelas Para Coser in Sequins from Home Garden
3 4 5 6 mm Sequin Flat Round PVC Loose Sequins Crafts Paillette Sewing Clothes Decoration DIY Accessory Lentejuelas Para Coser in Sequins from Home Garden
3 4 5 6 mm Sequin Flat Round PVC Loose Sequins Crafts Paillette Sewing Clothes Decoration DIY Accessory Lentejuelas Para Coser in Sequins from Home Garden
3 4 5 6 mm Sequin Flat Round PVC Loose Sequins Crafts Paillette Sewing Clothes Decoration DIY Accessory Lentejuelas Para Coser in Sequins from Home Garden
3 4 5 6 mm Sequin Flat Round PVC Loose Sequins Crafts Paillette Sewing Clothes Decoration DIY Accessory Lentejuelas Para Coser in Sequins from Home Garden
3 4 5 6 mm Sequin Flat Round PVC Loose Sequins Crafts Paillette Sewing Clothes Decoration DIY Accessory Lentejuelas Para Coser in Sequins from Home Garden

Product Specification

Shape: Round

Use: Bags

Use: Garment

Use: Shoes

Thickness: 0.1mm

Feature: Abrasion Resistance

Feature: Heat Resistance

Feature: Non-Distortion

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Model Number: 4mm flat

Material: PVC

Product Type: Sequins

Weight: about 25 g

Quantity: about 5000 piece

Condition:: 100% New

Product Size: approx3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm diamete

Color: green white red black pink golden color

Hole size: approx 1mm diameter


1 inch=25.4mm or 1mm=0.0393 inch


there might be a little slight difference in the color as the different led monitor contrast setting.

Packing: white zipper bag& bubble bag,we take great care of the package

Package: you will get 5000pcs per lot at the list price ,approx 25 gram.



Product Information                                                              

1,These Sequins are great for Craft Project, Scrapbooking, Wedding Favors, Card Making, Wrapping Decoration, etc.

2,You can glue, sew or just arrange them in a certain pattern to make them stand out on your Wedding, Craft, Cards, or other decorations projects. There are so many ways to use them, please just use your imagination.

3,There might be some slight differences in the color tone of photo and actual item, because of professional photography, lighting, monitor's brightness and contrast settings.Please visit our store for a wide selection of other related items.


We take great care in packing every detail to ensure safe shipment to you


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Commetns ds8ogonek.ru :
Purchased 4 April Arrived 29 April Thank you

came in 2 weeks. well packed. same as picture, good quality. I recommend the seller

I did not wait for the goods, the money was returned after the opening of the dispute, low bow...

Went long. Beautiful, flat. Bright. A lot

Thank you very much!!!! Fast shipping. I liked the goods.


In tyumen went 2 months. Put in p/y. All ok! Small, silver-gray.

Came for 1,5 months in st. petersburg. Threw in the mailbox. quality is satisfied.

The goods did not come. Very sorry. The money wasn't returned. It's regrettable.

Took sequins 3mm single color and mixes 4mm 6mm. In mixes quality is much worse. Especially in 6mm. Paint slazit after short friction. One of the packages came slightly scattered (uncritical)


Bright as in the photo. Went long

Good quality

The goods did not come

The order did not come, but the seller immediately returned the money. Thank you very much

came in 2 weeks. well packed. same as picture, good quality. I recommend the seller.

great colors and just what I needed. 2nd time I've bought from them.

Good rations) delivery less than a month

Color matches. Minus the stars for 2 months delivery to msk. Not tracked

Very beautiful shade! True Long walked. Although sent immediately. And the seller did not answer the sms. The track was not tracked. But come!

Unfortunately the goods did not come (((where it was lost on the road, i think the seller's fault is not here, so 5 stars, thanks to the seller and the service ali express, the money returned without problems, try to order again


Sequins are good, but the packaging is not very. One package cracked and crumbled throughout the package, mixing with others, barely disassembled.


Corresponds to the description, the quality is good, the parcel number was tracked only to russia, the parcel reached tomsk in 45 days.

Received with thanks.

The goods never came. Aliexpress returned the money after the expiration of the buyer's protection period.

Sequins of excellent quality. Beautiful shine, the color corresponds to the photos.



In ukraine in less than a month everything is super, i will order more, thank you

All as in the description. You can take it.

Everything is cool, as in the description

Sequins are very beautiful, smooth and quality. Thanks to the seller.

I received the order. Delivery exactly 2 months. beautiful sequins, color black. I recommend the product and seller.

It takes a long time, but i arrive that's the important thing

Delivery is long almost 3 months. They threw it in the box. The color is white matte, does not shine.

Shit some more and in the package

Very beautiful and quality sequins. All smooth, the same, bright! Thank You

Description accurate, delivery is very fast-only 2 weeks!!! Seller recommend

The order went almost 2 months. Everything corresponds to the picture.

Pretty Sequins, great for crafting E.G. for Shaking card. Act like Pearl, great.

Never!! Never come order with pawns! Tired already to be honest!!

Thank you, received, excellent rations!

Sequins are good. Fast shipping and shipping/2 weeks/recommend.

They must be... Long walk! 3 months to st. petersburg

Beautiful very much, let's see how in the case will be.

Order did not come

The product corresponds to the description, long walked

Mixes suck, the rest can be used.

Shipping is long, but the quality is good

The goods came intact and safe. Thank you very much to the seller. I will order more, i recommend the seller.

Size as ordered, color such as in the picture. Shipping month

A lot of sequins in the bag, the quality is good.

Everything is ok! I recommend!

Great product. I recommend the seller. Very satisfied

Sequins of good quality. Thanks for the fast shipment. Reached in 20 days


Perfectly packed. Good product as shown in picture.

The rations are quite normal, i can not say anything bad. Went very long, but it's already a jamb of mail. In general, the goods are satisfied.

All right.

The goods were never delivered, opened a dispute, returned the money


Everything is ok! I recommend

The goods came in 2,5 weeks. Corresponds to the description. Thanks to the seller.

The parcel came to st. petersburg in 10 days. very quickly. the track was tracked. The batches are very beautiful, the colors are saturated. the marriage is minimum. but there is one but, 2 packages completely burst and the batches are mixed. very offensive, so 4 stars. and so everything really liked

I don't like them.

Bought for sale, so i conducted a small test: put on an hour in the water, and then rubbed each color separately. I will say so, the metal colors are prone to friction, the edges go a little, but the green, turquoise and purple completely go. Pearlescent colors are the most beautiful and most stable, oddly enough. I recommend them to buy. Silver, gold is excellent! For such a price, these sequins are just a find! The colors are beautiful! I do not shoot the star, because in general i'm happy with the purchase and i'll come back here.

Got everything, went a long time. The child is happy.)

Very nice

Amazing quality and amazing price, only downfall is the bag was split but no fault of the seller

It’s not that much dark as shown in the picture , it is light grey in colour

Quality goods. I recommend the seller. Track is well tracked.

Came in an envelope, thrown in a mailbox. Patches at first glance without marriage) let's see how they behave in work

It's been two months... Village daughter

I didn't get the goods. The money wasn't returned. Waited 2,5 months, then wrote: the goods were delivered, but it's not true! Not tracked

All super

Mix 6mm. Paint is weak from short friction. Other sequins are better quality.

Sent silver sequins instead of champagne (((not the color that was needed. The goods went very long, i was going to open a dispute already

Very long shipping. Already opened the dispute, sent yet. Quality standards.


The goods are very good. you can order.


Thank you very much. I got everything. Everything corresponds to the description!

Ok thanks

Beautiful. Thank you seller!

Thank you, very fast shipping! 26 grams. Smooth, beautiful. Seller recommend)

65 days came the goods, the color is beautiful, but not as saturated as in the photo, lighter for a couple of tones, with the seller did not communicate

Fast, beautiful, high quality, i recommend

Sequins are good. But i'm not ready to wait three months.

Excellent sequins

Good sequins

fast shipping nice colors thanks

Not received (

Beautiful shimmer, i recommend

Good quality: plump, not brittle, even, and many of them. ordered black, came not very black but as if black-gray, mirror. But still i was satisfied with the seller thanks.

The packs are beautiful but alas painted, the golden crawled as soon as they began to sew.

The goods received, went well for a very long time 2.5 months, even opened a dispute. Quality is good.

The goods did not receive, the money was returned.

Corresponds to the description, the quality is good i recommend. I will order more. Thanks to the seller for the fast delivery. Ordered 21.05 received 03.06

Sequins came cool. The truth on the road damaged the package and the sequins woke up. The seller does not answer the messages, asked to extend the protection, he did not extend, had to open a dispute. Good, the parcel came and i did not have time to return the money.

Norms, but matte more like

Pretty Sequins, great for crafting E.G. for Shaking card. Shining pretty great.

The goods never came. Money returned

The goods did not receive. Time expired. ((((

I did not receive the order. The time was sewn out, wrote about it to the seller, but he did not answer. Opened a dispute, money returned without problems

All as in the picture, the goods are quality. Packed well. Thanks to the seller. I recommend. I'll order more.

The parcel did not receive, the money was returned.

The parcel did not come! Ali returned the money. The seller did not communicate. I will not shoot the star, because i did not see the goods, why the statistics should spoil)

The goods did not come. the dispute to open just did not have time. the protection is already over. the goods tracking delivered, but not to me.

Pretty Sequins, great for crafting E.G. for Shaking card. Unfortunately was the Pack of bursts, so in Package many loose Sequins rumlagen.

The goods did not come. The money was returned through a dispute. I did not communicate with the seller.

Order not for the first time, everything suits

The goods came on time, beautiful patches, but the color is not quite like in the photo, but much lighter, consider it when ordering, as a whole satisfied, thank you ..

Ordered may 8, today august 15, waited for 3 months the goods did not come,,,,,, returned the money.... Do not order!!!!!! Take your time...

There's a little marriage. Packed well.

Everything is fine, delivery 2 months.

The goods never came. Asked the seller to extend the protection, there was no response. The code is not tracked from us, although here writes that it arrived in the destination, i do not advise. Opened a dispute, the money was returned.

The order took 1,5 months, the packs are cool, i recommend the seller.

Great! Delivery came in 2 weeks!

Normal goods

I ordered 1.02. Received 6.04 yekaterinburg) put in the mailbox) beautiful sequins) the color is slightly lighter than in the picture) as a whole very satisfied with the order) thank you very much! Recommend)

Lost in the mail, money returned

No parcels. The seller of the opshac does not wish. Opened a dispute. At the end of the dispute, i will dismiss!

All Tip Top thank you

Many colors, quality is good. I will order more

Douge dougha delivery, ale package super

Very beautiful. Thank you seller

Great product. I recommend the seller.

The order came for two weeks. Sequins are very beautiful

As in the description, but went for a very long time, i was going to open the dispute, the protection expired. But the seller was honest. I waited for the goods.

Well, finally i received my order, which went almost three months! To the moon faster you can fly than receive parcels from china!!!

Quality is excellent. delivery to spb 1,5 months

The color of the goods and what received-a big difference. Sequins are not green, but blue with a pink tint. Neither that nor that.

Delivery is 2,5 months ..

Very beautiful

Very good quality

I like it

Beautiful colors.

Thank you, all according to the description, excellent!

Sequins came not the ones that ordered, but the money was returned immediately.

Sequins are excellent, like paint does not peel off

Put it in the box. Walked long

Very cool. thank you.

Normal quality, metal coating on some easily erased with your finger, which for this cost is expected. Delivery almost two months

Excellent batches fall large, delivery three weeks.

The goods never came, the money was returned.


The goods did not receive, the time expired. ((

The most common. In the work has not yet used

The goods did not come the money returned

1 package was torn and almost all the sequins fell out

Thank you! Packs are cool! I will still order. Weight corresponds. Ordered may 1, 2019, in the mailbox found may 27, 2019.

The parcel did not come, the money was returned

Product did not arrive, but seller made refund without problems


Supper fast! Thank you

Bag we're all burst

The color put the wrong one! Already bought in this store and ordered a specific color. The color is not even in one shade. And the parcel went 2 months, not tracked


I thought it would be brighter. looks cheap

They don't shine

Sequins are good, the seller quickly sent, fast delivery. Thank you. I will still order. The seller put a gift. Thank you.

The batches are smooth, the colors are bright and many of them. I recommend.

The goods did not come. The money wasn't returned. I think the delivery service is bad

Long went, and so everything is fine

Good sequins, perfectly fit

very nice color thank you


The color does not look likę that at all. Simple blue

Ждала 3 month…… Order did not come!!!!!! Returned the money .... Sorry for your spent time,,,,, do not order!!!!!!!

Good sequins, although the bag itself with them a little torn and they partially crumbled

The 6 pkgs arrived very quickly and are exactly what was pictured. Very happy!!!

In the photo i packed already for sale, the weight came exactly, came quickly, ordered more, i recommend.

Good sequins. I took a mix of colors beautiful.

Color match, beautiful, quality, thank you seller, delivery fast

Thank you!!!! all as in the picture

The goods did not come. Returned the money on the dispute. The seller is not located for communication.